Monkey Wisdom

When talking about Monkey’s what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Hollering, lanky, wild, entertaining, furry creatures is what most people would describe as a typical Monkey. However, I am not talking about ordinary jungle hopping, chest pounding Monkey’s, I am however going to explain the attributes and wisdom of another type of Monkey. One that I have been able to observe in extremely close contact day after day in many variations of environments and situations that have revealed the inner workings of the Monkey mind and heart. Her name is Monkey but her body is that of a Miniature Australian Shepherd. For quite some time she had no name, until one day while I was relaxing on the chesterfield probably reading some *non-sense* like ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, when out of nowhere an explosion of fur erupted in my face and I was sucked into her vortex of love and playfulness and excitement instantly. Imagine the Tazmanian devil on crack and you would have about 1/5th of Monkeys energy. Now at this time I was hopeless to fight it and all I could do was ride this tsunami of energy. Among the chaos was where the name Monkey was born. It holds a cute, fun, unique and paradoxical attitude at its core like a sweet natural dynamic balance between opposites. There is much wisdom to be seen in Monkey and here are a few examples that us mere humans can try to understand:

phonepix 696

1) Follows everything from the bottom of their heart

2) Loves others more than oneself

3) Appreciation of a prepared meal like its the last

4) Being aware of surroundings especially when in new territory

5) Take naps/breaks/meditate

6) Never pass on the opportunity for a joy-ride

7) Enjoyment of the wind in your face and nature under your toes

8) When family or friends arrive, always run to greet them with a smile and a wiggle

9) Run and romp daily

10) When its hot drink lots of water and relax under a shady tree

11) When you are happy dance and wiggle your entire body

12) Non-judgmental

13) Non-discriminating

14) Does not care about moneyphonepix 606


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