Where I am, I am happy. 

Thankyou for all trees,

Thankyou for all bees,

Thankyou from down on my knees,

Never did I imagine I would be so pleased,

Simply just to be.




“Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.”

-A Course in Miracles

  “Spirit is in a state of grace forever.

Your reality is spirit.

Therefore you are in a state of grace forever.”



the Suns rays magically metamorphosize this rock matter on weird earth orb floating in void, twisting our minds forever at the ever changing fractal levels of nature. Water is in there as well as an important factor for this. So surely you are to not be unoticed either, for without your eyes to evoke the blasphemous displays of beauty and wonder wouldn’t nothing be? See without your eyes there is no color, and your eyes are of no color, would that be to say there is actually nothing there without me?

without you there is no I

 without me there is no I

 I am  

Buy In

Rather than ‘trying’ not to be something like; needy, unhappy, or unmotivated why not instead proactively create an ecosystem of positive vibes where the negativity cannot thrive. If you are always late don’t ‘try Harder’ to be on time but instead make SPECIFIC changes that make being on time inevitable! Do the same for other things, nourish yourself to the point where you are so certainly stable in yourself where not even a typhoon could touchya. Create that space with-in. Separate yourself, isolate the isolation inside your skull, I am that, I am.



universe is Mind, an ocean of living intelligence. Conversation or communication should be seen as the art of helping each other see the beauty and understanding of the Whole revealed in every part. Like a hologram. As above, so below. Invite the harmonic relationship of planet, plant, and human into your awareness. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects all play a piece in the pie, just like the tires, engine, fuel, and body of your automobile. If you are keen on a healthy car for all it ables you to do then you most certainly will nourish and maintain all the important components. Your body is the great pyramid of Giza, a temple. Appreciate and love yourself for the magnificent source energy that permeates every cell of your being.