Where I am, I am happy. 

Thankyou for all trees,

Thankyou for all bees,

Thankyou from down on my knees,

Never did I imagine I would be so pleased,

Simply just to be.



Strange Skies

I should probably introduce the newest member of the pack, meet Benny, the King Charles Spaniel 

 King of the castle

He knows the rocks give off good vibes

And you already know Monkey, the mini Aussie Shepherd 

I wanted to point out the similarities between the swooping clouds and the frizzled fur, tiz quite catching.




Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun

Satur(n)day in the 6th day of the week  

Hexagon has 6 sides

=666  strange coincidence?

My birth month is the 6th – June – 24, 2+4=6

Star of David/ seal of Solomon has 6 points, which is just a pair of triangles intermingled like the merkaba

Also found in ancient Kabbala and Indian traditions

Pope wears his Saturn hat


Luke 11:52 – you take away the key of knowledge because you do not enter within yourself (through meditation)
Acts 7:48 – the most high dwells not in temples made with hands (your body)
Luke 17:21 – the kingdom of God is within you (you’re it)

As above so below

I am