Magik Monk

Once upon a time a Monkey and her friends climbed Mt. Cheam. They took all their gear to the very top. Once they got settled in for the night, the mushrooms came out. Magic that is, magic it was, only love came forth, what a masterpiece.



The Joys of Gardening

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Gardening for me is more than just getting covered in dirt and strenuous exercise, it is a peaceful meditation. When you start to think about what makes up a garden; soil, water, plants, trees, bugs, animals and so on do you ever stop to think that they are all made from the same basic elements? To me it is mind blowing that humans are of the exact

iphone 022same composition as that of a garden. It is also liberating to know that fact as well because once one becomes aware of the nature of one self and the relationship between all things an overwhelming satisfaction occurs.

I have been blessed with an opportunity to learn first hand the workings of a garden and am so thankful of my master teacher and Grandmother. Sometimes you must clear the decaying plants but that is only to make way for the coming birth of new life. It reminds me of the Buddhism concept of reincarnation.

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If you are aphonepix 576ble to remove the perception of death and birth you realize that reality is actually free from this. Nature just happens of itself and is always changing. The decaying matter is not lost but transformed into nutrients for coming growth. Realize that you are no different from nature and everything is impermanent. Nothing is lost and creation is a continuing manifestation. There is nothing to be afraid of.

The beauty of aNov1 072 garden entrances me into another world, it fills my nostrils with waves of joy, it brings happiness to my eyes and love to my heart. I can connect through nature that is similar to a portal, a portal that takes me away to that special place, a place that is nowhere but also everywhere, or shall I say, nowhere that it is not. “As ye shall sow, so shall ye reap,” is a lovely metaphor to apply to not only gardening but life and the understanding that you have tools and energy that when directed and focused are returned in full.

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Do your best and forget the rest.