Magik Monk

Once upon a time a Monkey and her friends climbed Mt. Cheam. They took all their gear to the very top. Once they got settled in for the night, the mushrooms came out. Magic that is, magic it was, only love came forth, what a masterpiece.



Looking Glass

“Say thou, therefore, that life is eternal in man through eternities of resurrections of him in Me. And say thou, also, that his resurrection is his own, for he is ONE with Me.”

~From The Divine Iliad



 i am excited + eager to start the day and am happy + grateful to be alive and well. I am blessed to have such loving + supporting family + friends. Today I am going to start off with this prayer – thank you universe for giving me this gorgeous gift of life, light and love and the power to direct my mind to whichever ends I so desire. I ask not for more money but for more wisdom + knowledge to elevate my mind and soul to the depths of the earth and the distances of the skies!