Read’em & Weep

The more you learn,

The more you earn – WB

Whether it’s joy, peace, love, wealth, health, the more you learn, the more you earn! -Kody LeComte 

This week on my bookshelf,

Against a mysterious landscape, into the heart of magic we join the master – Castaneda! 

His legend and his power have grown over generations,
In this haunting and deeply personal book, he takes the reader into the very heart of sorcery, challenging both imagination and reason. shaking the foundations of our belief in what is “natural” & “logical,” he brings us a world full of terrors, mysterious forces, and dazzling insights.

If you’re curious about Castaneda, be sure to start at the beginning of his journey – The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge

As for Marcus Aurelius – fresh, intelligent, grounded, peaceful and inspiring insights that act almost as guideposts for one’s life. 
 What are you reading this week?
Have you read these books?


The Key

luke 11:52 – you take away the key of knowledge because you do not enter within yourself – Jesus   


Trailer Park Bark

I had the opportunity to test my tolerance to the elements this winter spending a month in a trailer park in the dead of winter. The things I took for granted such as heat, comfort, and running water were soon washed away in an instant. The strongest don’t survive the most adaptable do, I found that in -40 degree weather you have to adapt to your environment and make due with what you have in order to move forward. I found an immense amount of energy and comfort from the sun during this time and tried to represent that with some of these photos. No matter the conditions you are surrounded by it is the state of your being that enables your own light to shine. Try meditating with the sunrise and sunset for 3 days. Choose to be choiceless in the matter of matter and look inward this week because everything you need is already inside.

She looks just like zaboomafooooo!

Balls of Yoga

Are you tired all the time? Are you lacking creativity? Are you having trouble staying focused? Do you want more love in your life? Are you fully expressing yourself through communication or is something holding you back? Are you searching for more wisdom or a greater connection with spirit? If you answered no to any of those then your not human and should be held captive in a zoo. However, if you happened to answer yes then I am pleased to say that you can be cured! Still confused? Let me just put it this way, begin meditating and make it a part of your daily routine. Meditation is a simple, yet powerful tool to develop the understanding that everything you PHONEPICZ 447need is already inside. Meditation is a way of balancing your energy body which is made up of 7 major chakras. How balanced your chakras are determines the level of success of your relationships, how much inner peace you enjoy, and how comfortable you feel in your own skin. These chakras or ‘wheels’ of energy are like energetic vortices that are the intersection point between physical matter and your consciousness. When you start to imagine that these whirling vortices are attracting and expressing vital energy you begin to feel more able to trust your chakra system. If you want to be the best version of yourself and develop not only your body, mind and intellect, but also your emotions and the nature of the world around you.

“From the navel of the Supreme Consciousness, lying in infinite water, arose a lotus with an infinite number of petals, lustrous like ten-million suns.”

SIVA PURANA, 1.2.34-36

Intro MeditationTM2

1. Sit however you feel comfortable while maintaining straightness in your spine. Take 6-10 deep and slow breaths.

2. Bring your attention to the tips of your toes and visualize a warm glowing field surrounding them. Spend a few breaths here and slowly move that warm sensation to the rest of your foot and eventually up your leg focusing on each muscle independently.

3. As the warm energy creeps upwards notice how relaxed you feel all over. Once you are blanketed in this warm energy field visualize yourself on a beach watching the sunset and listening to the gentle rhythmic sound of the ocean. See yourself being care-free and thoughtless. Know that you are breathing in and know that you are breathing out. When you breath in you calm your body, and when you breath out you ease everything, let go.

4. Bask in this calm state for a few minutes each day until you are comfortable sitting for 15-30 min. When you wake is a perfect opportunity to tune yourself for the day so make it a habit of meditating right when you wake up. If your feeling sluggish at work or school in the afternoon take 5-10 minutes to meditate and re-charge yourself.

5. If there is not enough silence where you are you can choose to wear headphones and listen to meditation music or guided meditations which you can conveniently choose before hand the amount of time you are going to meditate. A few I would recommend is Kelly Howell or Abraham Hicks or Alan Watts but experiment for yourself. Also, when you have become more familiar with meditation try binaural beats it will blow your mind.

Now there are mTM4any additional tools that can be used in the practice of meditation such as; Affirmations or mantras which are short phrases or words that you repeat to yourself as a way of keeping your mind focused on a particular feeling or thought instead of trying to think of nothing which is often misunderstood. For example you could repeat, Ham-Sa (I am) in sanskrit or english over and over like the sound of the waves. You can also add candles, oils or incense to entice the senses and draw you into a deeper state of oneness. Crystals or gems act as amplifiers to your chakras and can greatly add to the experience. The food you eat also plays a roll in your energies I would recommend eating whole foods grown from the earth or seeing a holistic nutritionist. Yoga is a fantastic partner to meditation and great love is created between the two. TrTM3y to focus on becoming a better version of yourself and don’t get caught up in your head wondering if its doing anything, just enjoy yourself and the ride because the real art of meditation is non-meditation.