Seeds and Deeds




universe is Mind, an ocean of living intelligence. Conversation or communication should be seen as the art of helping each other see the beauty and understanding of the Whole revealed in every part. Like a hologram. As above, so below. Invite the harmonic relationship of planet, plant, and human into your awareness. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects all play a piece in the pie, just like the tires, engine, fuel, and body of your automobile. If you are keen on a healthy car for all it ables you to do then you most certainly will nourish and maintain all the important components. Your body is the great pyramid of Giza, a temple. Appreciate and love yourself for the magnificent source energy that permeates every cell of your being.            




What Are You Watching?

“Happy the man, and happy he alone,
he who can call today his own:
he who, secure within, can say,

Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.

 – Horace

phonepix 296When I get that new…I will be happy

When I get more… I will feel better

If it weren’t for this… I would be more grateful

phonepix 143
I am that I am

Imagine when you were a child first discovering the wonders of the world. Playfully experimenting with anything and everything around you that you could get your dirty little hands on. Where nothing was ‘off-limits’ and the possibilities were immeasurable. But soon we drift away from our ‘fantasy’ world just like a leaf swiftly swooping in the breeze, detaching from its true home. Enculturation soon bogs us with thoughts like, ‘when I get a job’ and then ‘when I buy a house’ and then ‘when I get married’ and then ‘when I retire’ and then ‘WTF!’ Somehow we have missed the bus to a fulfilled life despite the fact that we took the bus everyday. Just which bus were you taking all those years? One someone told you to take? Or one YOU wanted to?  Hear this, the earth is rotating approx. 1000mph, and moving around the sun at approx 66,666mph, while the solar system is moving like 420,000mph around the galactic core, and the galaxy moving through the universe like 2,237,000mph for a total of 2,724,666mph! Your body made of trillions of cells are whirling around trillions of stars at supersonic speeds and your thinking about bacon? Everything on the outside is just a blur so stop trying to hold on to it, look within yourself because everything you need is already inside. You can know it only when the mind is still. I am not the thinker in my head, I am the watcher. I realize that which truly matters is;phonepix 237 beauty, love, creativity, joy, and peace all arise from beyond the mind.