Buy In

Rather than ‘trying’ not to be something like; needy, unhappy, or unmotivated why not instead proactively create an ecosystem of positive vibes where the negativity cannot thrive. If you are always late don’t ‘try Harder’ to be on time but instead make SPECIFIC changes that make being on time inevitable! Do the same for other things, nourish yourself to the point where you are so certainly stable in yourself where not even a typhoon could touchya. Create that space with-in. Separate yourself, isolate the isolation inside your skull, I am that, I am.


Be Here Now

Imagine watching the stars while listening to the serene slippery sounds of a mighty river with your best friend in the midst of mighty mountains only to wake with the sun an do it all again. 

Being open to nature, energy, love, awareness, light, wisdom, beauty, truth, purity

Any trip you want to take leads to the same place