Flower Power

oscillating onion vortex 

I love and accept myself, there’s sparkling in so many of my peers eyes it’s like a waterfall light show! Who would have thought you would be journaling on this platform about an institution dedicated to creating a healthy and happy planet and peoples? Divine timing jus like my rhyming, can’t tell which way it’s gunna go, don’t squeeze it but you’ll soon know, just let it flow, keep speaking your mind, keep acting your spirit, life is a stage for dancing and singing and twirling an whirling, jus like your shit, which way the vortex goes, don nobody know cuz God isn’t a body he is eerybody, clap your hands and nod your head, flow with the rhythm inside your head, looking outside there is much to see and hear and feel but looking inside is where the gold hides, I got tough hide, brought up by some real og’s, smokin till there’s no more lighter fluid to do it, you smokin wit the tried n truest, quit bein such a nucense, try meditating wit some incense, look inside, light up the darkness so you become darkless, I mean selfless, I mean less of you and more like les, I’m pickin words like them birds pickin worms, an eatin thirds cuz I’m at the buffet of life, take your pick dive right in, it’s all for you, but don’t forget about her, Mother Earth that is, take a ride on the magic school bus with miss frizz, good observation Ralphy but your a little too late, I’m cleaning up my plate lookin to that ratio that is 1.618